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  • Leica’s Soul

    This is a beautifully shot, nearly 2 minute commercial for the new Leica M-Monochrom. Shot entirely in Black and White, the story is well-told, and despite some of the comments on the youtube page, is both passionate and horrific at the same time. If you are a photographer, you might recognize the story based on the life […]

  • After Effects – The Wiggle Expression

    The “Wiggle” expression is one of those tools that you learn after playing with After Effects for a while and opens up a whole new world of customization to the effects and looks you are trying to get with text, 3D Cameras, and live action video. The Pixel Lab does a grab job of briefly […]

  • After Effects – Gradients

    I found this great tutorial on making gradients on youtube. I use this a ton in motion graphics and simple effects and usually just made a matte with a ramp. But this guy also shows you how to make it with a shape layer which gives you a lot more control over over the gradient […]

  • Kinetic Typography

    There are a ton of tutorials out on the web for this trendy media creation. You have probably seen the Ford commercials for the Ford F-150…. or maybe you saw the Cee Lo Green music video (which I will let you google) but reguardless, you might be surpised how easy it is to do this […]

  • Hidden Files Toggle for Mac

    I am often having to access the hidden files on my mac (one of the FEW things that I miss about windows) but it can clutter your finder when you are in a normal workflow. So I found these instructions that will allow you to put a toggle for hidden files on your context (right-click) […]

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